Most of our beef is raised from birth at West Blue Farm.  For the first 1 ½ years the calves will be raised on grass, alfalfa hay, and crop residue.  When big enough, they will be finished on organically grown alfalfa hay and non-gmo corn for approximately 120 days.  This allows the meat to become slightly marbled and improves the flavor and tenderness of the meat.  No low level antibiotic feeding or growth hormones will be used.  The animal will then be delivered for you to the Cordova Locker in Cordova.  Al and Jeniece have been in the locker business for many years and they do an excellent job of cutting and wrapping your meat. 

Contact the Cordova Locker to make arrangements for how you want it cut and then pick it up when it is ready.  Email us for sample Beef Cutting Instructions.  The cost is based on the hanging (carcass) weight at the locker.  Wholes, halves, or split halves are available.  A split half gives you a quarter of beef with a full range of cuts from both the front and hind quarter.  You can either find a friend to split a half with or we will match you up with someone, no problem.  The cost is $3.10 per pound hanging weight plus processing (price subject to change after January 31, 2018) (see chart below for Estimated Weights and Costs).  Mark the amount of beef you want (1, ½, ¼) on the order card for the time period which suits you or email us.  If you have any questions, please call.

Please try to order your beef 4 months in advance so we can be sure to meet your needs.  (Example:  For September please order by May 1st)  We try to estimate our customers needs ahead of time.  We are currently sold out for September 2017 but still have beef available for November 2017.  Orders can be placed for all other months as well.  In 2018 we'll butcher in the months of March, May, July, September and November.  You can place your order at any time.

At times some of our finished beef is over 30 months of age.  A USDA rule does not allow the final cuts of beef (if over 30 months) to contain any of the spinal cord.  In this case T-bone steaks are not possible so your option is a nice Filet and New York Strip steak.  Many direct marketers feel that these older beef have more flavor than very young beef.


            If you prefer high quality, lean, tasty ground beef, we can be of service to you. Our ground beef is made from the entire beef (steaks, roasts, everything!) and not from old cull cows.  It is the best ground beef you can buy!  We have ground beef in frozen 1 pound packages for $6.20 per pound.  Write the number of pounds in the hamburger section of the order card or email us.  Ground beef may be picked up at the chicken delivery locations or at the farm.


Estimated Weights and Costs (thru January 31, 2018)




Live Weight

1200 lb.

600 lb.

300 lb.

Hanging Weight (58% of live)

696 lb.

348 lb.

174 lb.

Packaged Meat (65% of hang)

452 lb.

226 lb.

113 lb.

Freezer Space 16 cu. ft. 8 cu. ft.

4 cu. ft. 

$3.10 per lb. * Hanging Weight $2157.60 $1078.80 $539.40
Slaughter: $50/hd. 50.00 25.00 27.50
Process: $.59 per lb. * hanging weight 410.64 205.32 102.66
Misc: cube stk, double grind, etc. 15.00 7.50 3.75
TOTAL COST $2633.24 $1316.62 $673.31
Price / lb. pkgd meat $5.83 $5.83 $5.96