In the Fall of 2013 we sold our 100,000th chicken!  Thank you to our many loyal customers, some of you who have been with us since we began in 1990. 

We will be starting our 28th year of raising chickens in 2017.  We start them as day old chicks.  We grind non-gmo grain and soybean meal with a poultry premix.  We do not use any low level antibiotics in the feed.  We take our 7 and 8 week old chickens to Brainard Meats to be processed on a Wednesday.  They cool them down overnight and we pick them up the next day.

We stop at one or two sites in each town and customers come to pick up their chickens.  The chickens come whole and not individually bagged.  Your chickens can be cut up and bagged or cut in half for an extra charge.  Coolers work well to take them home. 

The chickens will average 4 pounds or more.  If they average less than 4 pounds we will make a cost adjustment, if over 4 pounds you can enjoy the extra bite!  The cost is $11.90 per head for a whole dressed chicken.  Our deliveries are in May/June & September.  Check out our Order Form page for delivery dates and locations.

Baby Chicks